Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021
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The return of "Woody the Talking Christmas Tree" to Nova Scotia mall draws mixed reactions

CA, 24 Nov 2021
The infamous "Woody the Talking Christmas Tree" has made a comeback after 15 years at a Dartmouth, Nova Scotia mall, its airbrushed appearance met with both happiness and confusion.

After making the rounds on social media feeds over the past few weeks with people reminiscing on social media about their fond memories of Woody or making jokes about its nightmare-fueling appearance, Dartmouth’s talking conifer made a special appearance on late night television Tuesday night.

Jimmy Fallon, took a few moments out of his show to acknowledge Woody, a large tree with a robotic face currently greeting shoppers at Dartmouth’s Mic Mac Mall. "Now we know what the Christmas episode of Squid Games will look like," he joked.

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