Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021
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Sweden 1st female PM in country's history resign hours after elected

CA, 25 Nov 2021
Swedish Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson received a standing ovation as she was picked to become the country's first female prime minister on Wednesday.

But the historic victory was short lived, and she resigned just hours later after suffering a budget defeat that also saw her party's coalition partner, the Greens, leave the two-party minority government. Andersson explained she decided to resign because she did not want to lead a government where "there could be reasons to question its legitimacy."

She also said when meeting the speaker, she told them she hoped to be appointed prime minister again as head of a single-party government. The Greens said it would support her in any new confirmation vote in parliament, while the Centre Party said it would abstain -- amounting to the same as backing her candidacy. The opposition Moderates and Christian Democrats are backed by the Sweden Democrats, but cannot command a majority in parliament.

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