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Planet Normal: How do we fix Britain's broken borders? | Podcast

Telegraph, 01 Dec 2022
The winter of discontent appears to be in full swing, with strikes, swelling inflation and power cuts threatening to dim the Christmas lights.

This week our co-hosts are wading into the immigration debate, and strapping into the rocket to help them is the Chair of Migration Watch UK, Alp Mehmet. Alp shares his concerns at the impacts increased levels of immigration are having on our country, particularly the strain on services and infrastructure like the NHS and housing.

Allison thinks that the Conservative party is a ‘junkie’ for immigration, and that they are too hooked on cheap foreign labour to tackle the growing problems.

Whilst Liam thinks that Home Secretary Suella Braverman will have difficulty trying to reduce immigration levels due to a lack of backing from PM Rishi Sunak.

And as the World Cup rumbles on, what is Allison's take on England’s latest triumph? And more importantly, has she got a new favourite player?

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