Thursday, Feb 09, 2023
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What’s behind Germany’s hesitance over Leopard 2 battle tanks?

Al Jazeera, 25 Jan 2023
Ukrainian soldiers in the field now use German Gepard anti-aircraft guns to defend their skies, German anti-tank weapons to pierce Russian armour, and German howitzers to shell enemy troops.
But the prize that Ukraine urgently seeks to regain territory before an expected Russian offensive this spring, the German-manufactured Leopard 2 battle tank, remains frustratingly out of reach.
Germany is one of the largest donors of military hardware to Ukraine, but over 11 months of war, Berlin has only stepped up deliveries under pressure and only after other allies made the first move.
If it were to provide the battle tanks, or even licence the re-export of Leopards from other countries’ arsenals, it would mark the first time that Berlin has led on weapons exports since the war began.
Germany's defence minister says Berlin hasn't changed its position - but will make a decision soon.

Al Jazeera’s Dominic Kane reports from Berlin, Germany.

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