Thursday, Feb 09, 2023
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Alberta dad learns about son's death after Googling his name, finding obituary

CA, 25 Jan 2023
Glen Grier, from Stony Plain, Alta., wanted to send his son a birthday message. Scott Grier, 36, had been living on the streets in Victoria, B.C., and his dad hadn’t heard from him in a while.

He made a discovery that’s perhaps a parent’s worst fear: finding out through a Google search last week that his child was dead — and has been for the past eight months.

Scott had a hard life. He struggled with addictions and experienced homelessness. He moved from Edmonton to Victoria in 2019, but checked in with family every few months. Grier said Scott didn’t always have a phone, so family had a hard time reaching him sometimes and waited on Scott to contact them.

As Sarah Komadina reports, last week, Grier noted it had been too long since he’d last heard from his son. He wanted to call, so Scott could talk to his seven-year-old daughter, who is in Grier and his wife Michelle’s care.

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