Thursday, Feb 09, 2023
Focus on the big picture

One-fifth of Canadians say they're "completely out of money" as inflation bites, poll finds

CA, 25 Jan 2023
The pinch of high inflation and interest rates is painting a bleak picture for some Canadians, with an Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News finding 22 per cent of those surveyed say they are "completely out of money." According to these Canadians, they have reached a point where they feel they would not be able to pay for more than household necessities.

But a higher number, 52 per cent, say they are concerned they might not even have enough money to feed their family, with women, those with kids and those aged 18-34 among those most likely to hold this sentiment.

While inflation has cooled, eight in 10 Canadians remain concerned it will make everyday items less affordable.

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