Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023
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"Grateful it wasn’t a bullet": Toronto bus driver shot in the face with BB gun thankful to be alive

CA, 25 Jan 2023
Alexandra Stoeckle, a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bus driver shot in the face on Saturday by someone using an air gun is thankful to be alive as she had just reported for duty and was standing at a bus shelter at Markham Road and Progress Avenue in Scarborough.

“I’m really grateful it wasn’t a bullet,” she said, “I was just standing there and I felt something start hitting my chest. I looked up and got hit right in the face before it registered,” said Stoeckle, who’s been a bus driver for the last 16 months.

Last summer, after a number of incidents targeting TTC workers, Stoeckle wrote a letter to Tory asking the mayor to step up safety. She says she didn’t get a response, but following the air gun incident, she says the mayor, TTC CEO Rick Leary and Toronto police Chief Myron Demkiw all contacted her and expressed their concern. Sean O’Shea has more.

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