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Russia's propaganda battles & Ukraine's statue wars | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

Telegraph, 25 Jan 2023
Day 336.
Today, we bring you updates from the ongoing Leopard II tank story as hopes raise of a breakthrough in deliveries of the vehicles. We hear from Foreign correspondent Colin Freeman who’s been speaking to Ukrainian activists tearing down Russian statues.

Plus, Francis Dearnley speaks to Dr Ivana Stradner - an expert on Russia’s propaganda warfare - to examine how the West can fight back against Putin’s disinformation, not just in the english-speaking world, but in Ukraine, Africa and the Balkans.


David Knowles (Host). @djknowles22 on Twitter.
Francis Dearnley (Assistant Comment Editor) @FrancisDearnley on Twitter.
Dom Nicholls (Associate Editor, Defence). @DomNicholls on Twitter.
Venetia Rainey (Assistant Foreign Editor) @VenetiaRainey on Twitter.
Colin Freeman (Reporter). @colinfreeman99 on Twitter.

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