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Germany releases the Leopards | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

Telegraph, 26 Jan 2023
Day 327.

Today, we discuss the news that the West is poised to send nearly 200 battle tanks to Ukraine after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz succumbed to weeks of international pressure.

Plus, we speak to Marichka Buchelnikova and Stas Olenkchenko, co-founders of Ukraine Explainers. In that conversatiion, we discuss about Ukrainian society, language and concepts of Russian guilty and responsibility.


David Knowles (Host). @djknowles22 on Twitter.
Joe Barnes (Brussels Correspondent). @Barnes_Joe on Twitter.
Roland Oliphant (Senior Foreign Correspondent). @RolandOliphant on Twitter.
With thanks to Marichka Buchelnikova and Stas Olenkchenko @uaexplainers on Twitter.

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