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UK Home Office’s inexperienced asylum staff causing long hotel stays for migrants night

BBC, 24 Nov 2022
The backlog of UK asylum cases to be processed is now at more than 127,000 - quadruple the number who were waiting to have their cases decided four years ago.

Insiders at the Home Office have told Newsnight inexperienced and low-paid staff are hired to handle applications which is slowing down decision making, leading to long and expensive hotel stays for asylum seekers.

The Home Secretary told MPs yesterday the government has failed to control our borders. Suella Braverman has regularly promised lower numbers crossing the channel, but so far she and previous Conservative Home Secretaries and Prime Ministers have failed to deliver on that.

Newsnight’s UK Editor Sima Kotecha meets a family who have been living in a hotel for a year, and hears what it’s like to work in the Home Office.

Produced by Jo Taylor.

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