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Car runs into baby stroller at crosswalk in Montreal, security video shows

CA, 24 Nov 2022
WARNING: Disturbing content.

Montreal police are seeking the public’s help in a brazen hit-and-run case to find the driver of a car who struck a baby stroller and dragged it through an intersection in Outremont last week.

The horrific incident captured on surveillance footage shows a black car rolling through the corner of Bloomfield and Lajoie avenues while a woman pushes a baby carriage. The car, without stopping, slams into the stroller snatching it out of the woman’s hands and continues to drive off heading in the direction of Van Horne Avenue in broad daylight.

The one-year-old in the stroller was not injured in the incident.

Global’s Brayden Jagger Haines brings us the story.

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