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Poilievre compares Trudeau to “shady contractor” as leaders spar over housing affordability

CA, 23 Mar 2023
Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre compared Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to a “shady contractor” as he criticized Trudeau over his government’s efforts to improve housing affordability for Canadians.

“You listen to him rattle off the billions he’s spent to achieve that failure, it kind of reminds you of that shady contractor who promises you a new home but the cost keeps going up and up and up – but the house never actually gets built,” he said.

Trudeau responded by contending that housing affordability in Canada would be worse with a Conservative government that “continued to cross its arms and cut services to Canadians for the past eight years.”

Pierre countered that when he was housing minister, prices were lower than they are today.

“You don’t have to imagine, it’s called history,” he quipped.

Last week, Housing Minister Ahmed Hussen introduced a $4 billion Housing Accelerator Fund aimed at helping cities, towns and Indigenous communities unlock new housing supply by speeding up development and approvals.

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