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Global National: Jan. 21, 2022 | Little hope for a diplomatic solution for Ukraine-Russia situation

CA, 22 Jan 2022
With Russian troops massing on the border of Ukraine as well as cyberattacks against the Ukrainian government and public institutions and interference in the country’s politics, there have been growing concerns in recent weeks that Vladimir Putin is looking at another incursion into Ukrainian territory.

As talks end between Russian and U.S. foreign secretaries with no breakthrough, Jackson Proskow reports on the little hope for a diplomatic solution.

Canada, on the other hand, is sending more help to Ukraine as fears of a Russian invasion grow. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged $120-million in loans to support Ukraine’s “economic resilience.” Mike Le Couteur has the details.

The case of a Black doctor who says he was forced to leave New Brunswick after receiving a torrent of racist abuse could impact the province’s ability to attract more immigrants and doctors, observers say. Ross Lord reports.

To the coronavirus pandemic: The country’s top doctor says there are indications showing the 5th wave may have peaked. But she warns hospitalization rates and deaths remain high. Jamie Muraucher reports on the upcoming plans for booster shots.

Meat Loaf, the heavyweight rock superstar loved by millions for his “Bat Out of Hell” album and for such theatrical, dark-hearted anthems as “Paradise By the Dashboard Light,” has died. He was 74. Mike Drolet has more on his legacy.

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