Saturday, Jan 29, 2022
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Scaling mountains to deliver safe abortions in Nepal

Telegraph, 14 Jan 2022
Every morning, Pragati Soti Khanal packs her huge grey and blue rucksack, ready to trek through Nepal’s famous mountains.

But she is not packing crampons and climbing ropes. Instead, in go scales, vast bottles of hand sanitiser, assorted medical instruments and a plastic box filled with pill packets.

The pills are medical abortion drugs, which enable women to have safe terminations during the first trimester of pregnancy. And women’s rights advocates say they represent a potential global revolution in safe abortion care.

For Mrs Khanal - a midwife who provides family planning advice across the mountainous Tanahun district of Nepal - they are an essential.

“It is a woman’s right,” she says simply.

Dispatch by Jennifer Rigby. Produced by Harriet Barber, for Telegraph Global Health

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