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The atmosphere was electric | Dia Chakravarty on starring in the London Olympics opening ceremony

Telegraph, 14 Jan 2022
“My parents who live in Bangladesh messaged to say, ‘We’ve just seen you in the Olympics opening ceremony.’ That’s when it properly hit me. Just the enormity of what I’d been a part of.”

Dia Chakravarty, The Telegraph’s Brexit editor, volunteered as a performer in the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony.

In this video, Dia takes us through her unforgettable experience in Danny Boyle’s spectacle, from hundreds of hours of preparation through to taking part in a performance for millions across the globe. The ceremony marked the beginning of an unforgettable summer in the Capital and Team GB's most successful Olympic Games for 100 years.

This is the second episode in a video and podcast series from The Telegraph, featuring the stories of our journalists who have had front-row seats at monumental moments in history.

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