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Planet Normal: Through the looking glass l Podcast

Telegraph, 01 Jun 2023
Where are all the grown ups? This is the burning question our co-pilots are asking today. Amongst the latest drama at Westminster not to mention the This Morning sofa, our co-pilots feel as if they’re now living through the looking glass.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s energy strategy is under (a carbon emitting) fire, which Allison describes as an act of ‘national suicide’ too reliant upon foreign strategies to be virtuous enough for the green lobby. Whilst Liam thinks the Labour leader needs to put more care into his strategy in order to appease vital voters in Scotland.

Hopping aboard the rocket today to share his moving story is Jon Chapple, who fell victim to the NHS becoming a ‘covid only health service’, leading to a late Stage four cancer diagnosis.

And one listener has some entertaining tips for dealing with pesky garden visitors…

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