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Fire breaks during Egypt church mass, killing 41 at least

CA, 15 Aug 2022
A fire ripped through a church in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on Sunday sending huge amounts of thick black smoke into the air as congregants worshipped, killing at least 41, the Coptic Church said.

The cause of the blaze in the Abu Sefein church in the working-class neighbourhood of Imbaba was not immediately known. An initial investigation pointed to an electrical short-circuit, according to a police statement.

The country’s health minister blamed the smoke and a stampede as people attempted to flee the fire for causing the fatalities. It was one of the worst fire tragedies in Egypt in recent years.

“We saved whom we could save,” Kirollos, a survivor said from his hospital bed where he was surrounded by family.

“There were children in the nursery and there was a mass… We looked up, and saw a lot of black fumes in the air,” he added.

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