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Ukraine-Russia conflict: Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant could suffer “Fukushima” type event, expert says

CA, 17 Aug 2022
Ukrainian and Russian officials have reported shelling near Europe's largest nuclear power plant in the last 48 hours, with both sides blaming each other days after the world nuclear watchdog warned of disaster if the fighting does not stop.

Russia and Ukraine have traded accusations this month regarding the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in southern Ukraine, which dominates the south bank of a vast reservoir on the Dnipro River.

Nuclear experts fear fighting might damage the plant's spent fuel pools or the cooling system for the reactors.

Russian radiochemist and senior nuclear expert Boris Zhuikov said on Monday that shelling near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex could damage the cooling system for its reactors.

If this happened, a "Fukushima level" accident could be possible, he said. Such a scenario would force the evacuation of civilians from neighbouring regions up to a radius of tens of kilometres, Zhuikov added.

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