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Amanda Todd: Judge instructs jury before its deliberation in online extortion case of BC teen

CA, 06 Aug 2022
The British Columbia Supreme Court justice in the trial of a Dutch man charged with harassing and extorting teenager Amanda Todd told the jury to "take special care" with the teen’s statements.

Justice Martha Devlin said because Todd died in October 2012 and didn’t testify and wasn’t able to be cross-examined at Aydin Coban’s trial, the jury needs to be aware of the limitations of evidence given.

In her final instructions before deliberations can begin, Devlin said jury members should carefully examine the statements Todd gave to her parents, police officers and in her electronic communications when they consider Coban’s verdict.

Coban pleaded not guilty to extortion, harassment, communication with a young person to commit a sexual offence and possession and distribution of child pornography at the start of the trial two months ago.

Global's Rumina Daya has the story.

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