Saturday, Jun 25, 2022
Focus on the big picture

Live: Where does BRICS stand as it gathers for its 14th summit?

CGTN, 23 Jun 2022
BLOCS OR BRICS? As BRICS gathers for its 14th summit, the global landscape has changed vastly. Since the first summit in 2009, when it was a quartet, now it's a group of five global growth engines poised for further expansion. From bloc politics and the Cold War after World War II, followed by the rise of the United States as a hegemon, now it's the story of the emergence of developing nations. With China's amazing ascent as the second largest economy, can BRICS create a fairer world order? What are the milestones in its unostentatious but steady progress, especially in the time of a global pandemic? Thursday's Headline Buster brings you the details that are often overlooked by the Western media.
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