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Zelenskyy appreciates Harry Potter comparison, calls Putin Voldemort

CA, 23 Jun 2022
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked a student for comparing him to popularly literary wizard to Harry Potter during a virtual talk with Canadian university students on Wednesday, and appeared to allude to Russian President Vladimir Putin as Voldemort - the series' primary antagonist.

"Harry Potter is better than Voldemort. We know who is Voldemort and who is Harry Potter, so we know how the war will end." Zelenskyy joked.
The Ukrainian president went on to answer a question about which literary and historical figures he looks up to, saying it was his own people who were his inspiration.

Zelenskyy was also asked about the importance of social media and the internet during the ongoing invasion, with the president saying he saw both forms of technology as a "weapon," being used by the people to "share the truth" about the war. He also compared his people to "bullets and shells" in reference to what they have done on social media during the war.

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