Saturday, Jun 25, 2022
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Ukrainian soldiers fire rocket launchers, capture Russian attack helicopter as “a trophy”

CA, 23 Jun 2022
The Ukrainian defence ministry released a video on Wednesday of Ukrainian servicemen firing “makeshift” rocket launchers from various locations said to be in the Kherson region.

Text accompanying the video said the Ukrainian military captured a Russian KA-52 attack helicopter and a separated rocket launch unit from the helicopter body and then transported it through the open back of a pickup truck.

"It is a trophy… We tested it, it works not bad. It is a mini-GRAD on wheels, a mobile one,” a Ukrainian soldier said. “Now all we need is more ammunition and we will kill the enemies.”

In Russia and Ukraine, Wednesday is also the “Day of Remembrance and Sorrow,” which marks the anniversary of the day when Hitler’s Germany attacked the Soviet Union in 1941.

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