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No grain, no gas: Is scarcity Putin’s weapon of choice? | To the point

DW, 23 Jun 2022
Russia’s retaliation against Western sanctions is sparking a worldwide crisis as food and fuel prices soar, putting the vulnerable at risk.
Russia is slashing gas deliveries to European countries including Germany in what one German leader calls an “economic attack.”
Citizens are tightening their belts as inflation surges. Nowhere more so than in the Global South, where Russia’s blockade of grain
shipments could plunge up to 50 million people into famine. Today we’re asking:
“No grain, no gas: Is scarcity Putin's weapon of choice?"

Putin is responding to Western sanctions with his own. His blockade of gas and grain supplies has caused food and energy crises elsewhere.

Our guests: Vendeline von Bredow (The Economist), Prof. Kwesi Aning (security expert), Vladimir Esipov (DW).


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