Monday, Aug 15, 2022
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Beirut blast: Lebanon grain silos collapse on 2-year anniversary of explosion

CA, 05 Aug 2022
On the second anniversary of an explosion at the port in Beirut, Lebanon, several grain silos that had been badly damaged in the blast collapsed on Thursday, just hundreds of metres away from where crowds were gathering for a protest at the city's waterfront.

Two years earlier, a huge explosion at the Beirut port killed at least 220 people, wounded thousands and devastated swathes of the capital.

The protesters, wearing t-shirts stamped with blood-red handprints, were marching from Lebanon's justice ministry to the city's waterfront and then to parliament in the centre of Beirut.

"I am a young Lebanese with a broken heart today,” Lebanese citizen Jana Massoud said. “Today is August 4, the day we remember... actually we remember it every day, that our ruling elite and our government killed our people and bombed our city.”

Several senior officials have been accused of responsibility but none have been held accountable to date. Critics say this is symptomatic of a governing elite hamstrung by corruption, indicative of a political and economic crisis.

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